Google+, the new social network from Google is not just a new competitor of Facebook.

Why ?

Because, Google+ is not base on Friend request but on your existing contact list.

What the difference ?

The difference is on Google+ you don't have to wait for user confirmation to add someone in you circle. You can easily modify your shared list on each new post, even if the people are not currently using Google+. When a new people, you know, join Google+, if you have already add it in one circle, the person could see all the message you have shared before reach Google+

In fact, Google+ is between Twitter and Facebook. You don't have to know people, you can post to every one, but on Google+ you can also publish to a dedicate audience (circle). Even if the people don't know you. The difference : you can share easily youtube video and use more than 140 characters.

If Google added the possibility to see Facebook inside G+, they will probably increase a lot the usage of Google+ because people will not have to switch between the 2 tools. This kind of API already exist because Seesmic or TweetDeck alreadu use it.

What do you think ?